Bulmer April

April Bulmer has four university degrees, three of them Masters in creative writing and religious studies. Many of the poems in her 10 books deal with women and spirituality.

Her work has appeared in more than 50 national and international journals. Her poems have been published in England, Israel, India, Hong Kong, Argentina and the U.S. She was born and raised in Toronto, but now lives in the small city of Cambridge near Kitchener, Ontario.

The Pat Lowther Memorial Award, finalist, 1998.
Voices and Visions (George Cadogen Annual Writing Contest) 2004, Honourable Mention.
Waterloo-Wellington Branch Canadian Authors Association Wraconteur Contest, 2004, Honourable Mention.
The Corporation of the City of Cambridge Arts and Cultural Recognition Award 2007 & 2005
First Place Cambridge Writers Collective Poetry Contest 2008
First Prize Cambridge Arts Festival Poetry Contest 2008
First Prize Craigleigh Press Poetry Contest 2008
First Prize the Saving Bannister Poetry Anthology Contest Canadian Authors Association (Niagara Branch) 2006
First Prize Food for Thought Poetry Contest the Ontario Poetry Society 2005
First Prize Second Time Around Poetry Contest the Ontario Poetry Society 2004

Selected Publications
A Salve for Every Sore (Cormorant Books, 1991) ISBN 0-920953-66-2.
The Weight of Wings (Trout Lily Press, 1997) ISBN 0-96815-303-8.
HIM (Black Moss Press, 1999) ISBN 00753-322-1.
Oh My Goddess (Serengeti Press, 2004) ISBN 0-9732068-4-5.
Spring Rain (Serengeti Press, 2005).
Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion (Harvard University, 2008) ISBN: 8755-4178
Candian Woman Studies (Inanna Publications and Education Inc., 2007)
Windsor Review (University of Windsor, 2008) ISBN: 25274-86051
Women's Concerns (The United Church of Canada, 2007) ISBN: 0827-2263
MinistryMatters (The Anglican Journal, 2006)
Souwesto Words (1999)
Arc Poetry Magazine (Arc Poetry Society, 2008) ISBN: 0705-6397
The Malahat Review (University of Victoria, 2005) ISBN: 0025-1216
Hammered Out #12 (Peter Street Publishing, 2007) ISBN: 1708-217X
riveredge (riveredge, 2006) ISBN: 1911-2580

Selected Anthologies
32 Degrees: An Anthology of Poetry, Prose Poetry, Fiction, and Drama (DC Books, 1993).
I want to Be the Poet of Your Kneecaps: Poems of Quirky Romance (Black Moss Press, 1999).
Henry's Creature: Poems and Stories on the Automobile (Black Moss Press, 2000).
Body Language: A Head-to-Toe Anthology (Black Moss Press, 2003).
Witness (Serengeti Press, 2004).
Arms Like Ladders (League of Canadian Poets, 2007) ISBN: 978-1-896216-27-0
Myth Weavers (Serengeti Press, 2007) ISBN: 978-0-9738458-8-4
Body Language (Black Moss Press, 2003) ISBN: 0-88753-382-5
Not A Muse (Haven Books, 2009)

Books in Print
Bulmer, April
The Goddess Psalms (Serengeti Press, 2008) ISBN: 978-0-9784474-3-4, $15.00
Life Lines ( Poetry & Good Cheer Press, 2008), $5.00
Black Blooms ( Serengeti Press, 2007) ISBN: 978-0-9784474-1-0, $10.00
Spring Rain (Serengeti Press, 2005) ISBN: 0-9732068-9-6, $8.00
Mustard Seeds (Leaf Press, 2005) ISBN: 0-9735920-5-2, $10.00
Holy Land (Serengeti Press, 2006) ISBN: 0-9738458-2-1, $8.00
Oh My Goddess (Serengeti Press, 2004) ISBN: 0-9732068-4-5, $8.00
HIM (Black Moss Press, 1999) ISBN: 0887533221, $7.00
The Weight of Wings (Trout Lily Press, 1997) ISBN: 0-9681530-3-8, $10.00
A Salve For Every Sore (Cormorant Books , 1991) ISBN: 0-920953-66-2, $7.00

April Bulmer, 18-250 Ainslie St. South, Cambridge ON N1R 8P8
Phone: (519)622-1240
E-mail: aprilb@golden.net
Link: http://www.sju.ca/troutlily/index.html
Link: http://www.leafpress.ca/books/Mustard_Seeds.htm
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